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Welcome to DW Taxes And Financial Services, your complete solution to financial success. You will benefit from access to our expertise in accounting and financial management, as you can now focus on the primary concern of operating your organization with the peace of mind of knowing that you have an expert. DW Taxes And Financial Services provides a comprehensive blend of financial services that work hard to help you find the success you always dreamed of. For small to mid-sized businesses, we provide cost-efficient outsourced , management, and accounting services. Let our years of experience assist you in developing your business and keep you working towards a clear financial goal. You are in good hands and people you can trust.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services


Financial Statement Preparation

Correct any bookkeeping procedures that are making the problem worse

Reconcile your accounts

Balance sheet

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Tax Preparation

Getting current with the IRS or local

government collectors

Reduce tax burden in the future through improved structuring

First treat the symptoms and then cure the disease which is driving your tax debts

Business Tax returns

Individual tax returns

Itins Renewals/New applications

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Notary Public

witness and authenticate signatures, administer oaths, verify signatures and take affidavits.

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